Everyone has attracted unwanted attention at some point from a third party, ranging from beggars to car park attendants or someone requesting directions.

Attacks can be imminent at your business, residence or while traveling and can occur for different reasons, whether you are a tourist, celebrity, CEO or a wealthy citizen. You could be exposing yourself and your loved ones to mostly well organized and well-trained syndicates.

By employing a regularly trained CPO (Close Protection Officer), you drastically reduce your risk factor, as the CPO has the knowledge on which routes to travel and which areas to avoid, minimizing their clients’ overall risk.

All our CPO’S are registered with the local governing body PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority), which enforces a minimum level of competence. Each of our CPO’s have a minimum of 5 years industry related experience.

Our operatives can operate individually or as a team. Depending on the clients’ requirements, male or female CPO’s are available.

  • All Unite Securities’ CPOs (Close Protection Officers) have a minimum of 5 years industry related experience
  • This service provides the client with short-cuts during traffic, protection between appointments and an average of 2 hours additional office time, depending on appointments.