Riot Control Training

We offer comprehensive training for the control and managing of crowds and strikes within the private sector.

Our 5 day course includes the following:

-Supervisor management and crisis control

-Legal aspects and implications to consider

-Crowd dynamics – Types of crowds and levels of violence

-Use of different and effective formations and techniques

-Training in the use of shields, batons, pepper sprays and paintball guns

-Weapons training, including rubber and sharp point ammunition

-Embuss and debuss techniques from vehicles

Riot Officer Training

We offer training in the gathering and verification of intelligence within the private sector.

Our 3 day course includes the following:

– Introduction and the use / analysis of intelligence gathering

– Intelligence gathering and the law

– Use of informants and methods to gather information

– Different uses of intelligence

– Techniques and verification of intelligence Appropriated use of actionable operational intelligence

-Working together with law enforcement agencies

If you are interested in attending either of our courses, please contact us for course dates and pricing.