K9 Patrolling

Unite’s patrol dogs have been protecting client interests and holdings for more than a decade. Patrol dogs are the backbone of our K9 Unit and are used in many assignments from handler protection, to guarding critical infrastructure and providing close personal protection. However, the real story behind this popular profile is the efficiency a dog team provides when it comes to proactive patrols of large areas or infrastructure.

A patrol dog can search a very large area in a fraction of the time a person can, and with complete assurance that safety measures have been accounted for. Did you know that a single K9 team patrolling an area can be more effective than four security officers?

Narcotic  & explosive detection

Narcotic detection dogs are widely regarded as one of the most cost-effective and efficient tools used today to detect the presence of illicit narcotics in the workplace. Employers wanting to ensure site safety and employee safety is using UNITE’s complement of proven, highly-trained dog teams to uncover hidden narcotics in the workplace. No one goes to work thinking they will be in an accident; but, the risk of injury increases exponentially when narcotics make their way onto a job-site. The use of narcotic detection dogs increases the level of accountability of both employees and managers, translating into a safer workplace, reduced risk of accidents and ultimately, cost savings from reduced compensation claims due to injuries.

Unite Securities is recognized as one of a few companies in the security industry today which currently offers highly trained, explosive detection dog services for wide-ranging applications. Whether our clients are based on land, at sea or in the air, many are now using our explosive detection dog services to ensure added safety and peace of mind in their respective businesses. We know that the demand for explosive detection services has grown exponentially in the past decade, and at Unite Securities we are keeping pace by continually expanding our K9 Unit to meet the needs of both present and future clients.


Our dogs are trained and socialized in the very same environments they later work in. This real-world training ensures that our detection dogs will perform their duties flawlessly when deployed in crowds, around heavy machinery, in confined spaces, on sea-going vessels, and anywhere else our clients need them.

Explosive detection dog teams are the most effective and cost-efficient tool available today for the detection of explosives. Our dogs can easily be deployed in vulnerable areas where, for example, large and dense items are unable to be scanned by traditional X-Ray machines. Through environmental conditioning, the dogs are trained to methodically search a variety of areas and articles to detect the trace presence of explosive material.