At UNITE Securities we are serious about the services that we offer. We make sure that the services we sell you suit your exact requirements. We study and analyze your requirements before a contract commences. This ensures that our guards are placed where they are best suited and their strengths can be ma

ximized. Officers, who are not suited to your needs will never be placed on a detail.

Unite Security has an extremely low incident rate attributed to loyal and dedicated employees, who are well supervised and managed. This together with Staff retention and internal promotion are hallmarks that have helped us retain clients for up to 17 years.

Armed Guarding

A fully comprehensive ARMED GUARDING service is available to clients providing dedicated guarding services for all types and sizes of both businesses and residences. We provide carefully recruited and professional armed

guards to protect persons and property as well as customers, inventory, and employees.


All our officers are PSIRA qualified and registered above the grading requirements of the post they work on.

We believe that with the right training and attitude and sufficient management and backup, guards are more confident and efficient.

All ARMED GUARDS are fully compliant with the latest Firearm Control Act. They attend regular shooting practice and competitions. All officers undergo pre-employment aptitude and grading testing as well as the usual pre-employment checks. Communications are handled by radio and cell phone links. Daily Supervisory and Management visits are conducted to ensure professionalism in attendance, dress, work ethics and compliance with site procedures or job descriptions.

Some of our customers being:

Banks, Embassies, Malls, golf estates, schools, domestic premises, high-profile clients, celebrities, movie sets, farms, game reserves (Anti Poaching)