Armed Escorts

All our reaction and escort vehicles are fitted with tracking devices, bulletproof and Armed Operatives. This can be combined with air support, if required, to add to our effectiveness in recovering vehicles that have been hi-jacked.

Having an Armed and well trained Escort behind the hi-jacked vehicle mostly guarantees the recovery of the vehicle, load and arrest of the perpetrators. Unfortunately satellite tracking does not prevent or identify the criminals` whereabouts, or the position of the freight after being hi-jacked.

If the operative does not have the opportunity to intervene, he will follow and gather as much evidence as possible, while relaying their location to the reaction unit already responding to the situation. Working closely with the SAPS (South African Police Service) and our attorneys, our prosecution rate is consistent.

Professionally Trained Agents

Our operatives are carefully recruited, selected and trained in a variety of safety and security techniques, including counter surveillance and defensive/offensive driving. Agents are also trained in first aid and are in contact with our 24-hour Communication Centre for security alerts and deployment of additional support.

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