At Unite Security we are serious about the services that we offer. We make sure that the services we sell you suit your exact requirements. We study and analyze your requirements before a contract commences. This ensures that our guards are placed where they are best suited and their strengths can be maximized. Officers, who are not suited to your needs will never be placed on a detail.

Unite Security has an extremely low incident rate attributed to loyal and dedicated employees, who are well supervised and managed. This together with Staff retention and internal promotion are hallmarks that have helped us retain clients for up to 17 years.

Static Guarding

Unite Securities are experts at assessing the client’s needs, identifying the person required, providing the training, and then supplying the right person.

We can supply guards for any situation offering experienced, dependable staff that are specialists in their chosen security field. Our guards have ethical, physical and decision-making training that enables them to deal with any situation that may arise. Our structure for static guarding allows for support to be available to every guard wherever they may be posted for security duties.

We provide to you, professionally licensed security guards. A security audit and evaluation can be carried out on your premises and officers who will be providing your service will be trained in accordance with your requirements. This will take into account any of the following if applicable, your security access system, any electronic security devices, evacuation plans, and procedures. You can be confident in the fact that our company policies ensure that your procedures will be adhered to and duties carried out efficiently, effectively and professionally.