The RG-12 (nicknamed ‘Nyala’) is a multi-purpose armoured personnel carrier with anti-personnel mine, grenade, fire bomb and small arms fire protection.

Originally designed as a police public order vehicle for both urban and rural operations, the RG-12 has been developed to be used in many roles, including as routine internal security vehicle, military APC, bullion carrier, bulk diamond carrier and security vehicle on gold and platinum mines.

Technical Specifications

Design Monocoque, flat bottom
Seating Driver + 7 (max)
Protection Levels
Ballistic protection 7.62mm x 51mm ball.
5.56mm x 45mm ball.
Mine protection Anti –personnel mines,
grenades & fire bombs
Wheelbase 3 000 mm
Overall Length 5 200 mm
Overall Height 2 700 mm
Overall Width 2 500 mm
Ground Clearance 322 mm
Vehicle (Tare) 7 140 kg
GVM 9 200 kg
Make/Model ADE366
Configuration 6-in-line
Max Power 100 Kw @ 2 800 rpm
Max Torque 408 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Size 12.5 x 20
Max Speed 100 kph
• 2 wheel drive,
• Choice of manual or auto.