We have several types of Mamba’s available for hire:

Mamba Standard

Mamba T

Mamba MK5


The Mamba is a very successful  APC vehicle. The vehicle, which uses a Unimog chassis and is powered by a Mercedes Benz engine, is suited for rough terrain and can carry up to 10 passengers plus the driver. 

Both the SANDF (South African National Defence Force) and the SAPS (South African Police Service) use these vehicles. The UN uses the Mamba APC in peace-keeping roles worldwide. It is also used in Iraq by private security contractors. Several variants have been developed from the Mamba.

Recently blast tested by the Pretoria-based Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, (the CSIR) the Mamba Mk 5 defeated a 10 kg explosive blast under its hull. The Mk 5 survived a blast test of 14 kg of explosive beneath its wheels in earlier tests.


 Technical Specifications


Design Monocoque, “V” Hull
Seating Driver + 10 (max)
Protection Levels
Ballistic protection 7.62mm x 51mm ball.
5.56mm x 45mm ball.
Land Mine protection 2 x TM57 (14kg TNT) under any wheel, or
1 x TM57 (7kg TNT) under hull.
Wheelbase 2 900 mm
Overall Length 5 460 mm
Overall Height 2 495 mm
Overall Width 2 205 mm
Ground Clearance 410 mm
Vehicle (Tare) 5 710 kg
GVM 6 800 kg
Make/Model OM352
Configuration 6-in-line
Max Power 92 Kw @ 2 800 rpm
Max Torque 348 Nm @ 1 900 rpm
Size 12.5 x 20
Type Coil Spring
Max Speed 100 kph
• 2 and 4 wheel drive.
• Short Wheelbase.
• Choice of engines.