As an integrated solutions provider, we bring a dynamic combination of not only management and execution but also highly skilled and experienced investigative personnel to endure and execute each complex challenge. The successful rate at which UNITE performs results in our deliverance of long-term, cost-effective solutions in the Corporate, Criminal and Civil Investigations field.

All our individual Investigating officers have a minimum of ten years industry related experience. It has become prudent for the investigating officers to acquire the necessary skills to try and complete an investigation without the use of lie detection tests, as it limits expenses that could cost the client thousands.

No matter the sophistication, specialized or fragility of the case, we can provide the client with acceptable results in a short space of time. To date, Unite Securities have had great successes in this specialized field which includes Civil- Corporate- Forensic to Industrial investigations.

Intelligence Training

We offer training in the gathering and verification of intelligence within the private sector.

Our 3-day course includes the following:

  • Introduction and the use/analysis of intelligence gathering
  • Intelligence gathering and the law
  • Use of informants and methods to gather information
  • Different uses of intelligence
  • Techniques and verification of intelligence
  • Appropriated use of actionable operational intelligence
  • Working together with law enforcement agencies