Why Use a Drone For Perimeter Security?

In terms of perimeter security, drones provide several advantages over mounted cameras or simply patrolling the property yourself, including mobile video surveillance, remote control, and stealth. Effective  Drone perimeter security allows you to monitor what’s happening on your property from the comfort of your home or shelter and provides you with advance warning of any trespassers, giving you the upper hand.


Mobile Video Surveillance

Unlike a mounted camera, which is fixed on a designated area, drones are mobile and provide an unlimited field of view. The real-time video surveillance capabilities of a drone provide the ability to immediately assess whether a disturbance is a threat or welcome members of your team.

Remote Control

The ability to operate and control the drone from a distance not only keeps the operator out of harm’s way but also facilitates the surveillance of large areas in a short amount of time and of areas that would be treacherous to travel by foot.


Drones are generally very quiet and have long range view capabilities. Additionally, props can be upgraded to Silent Blades, with a minimum noise profile.

One drawback to drones is that, yes, they can be shot down by an intruder. But most people would much rather lose their drone than their own life.

Security is a big concern in South Africa. Our custom designed UNITE Drones can be fitted with picture and video transmitters to allow for live surveillance from a computer, mobile device or dedicated screen. As drones are relatively small, quiet and maneuverable, they are the perfect platform surveillance of stationary or mobile targets.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can assist in disaster management, for instance taking photos of wildfires or floods that are unsafe for humans, for search and rescue operations or assist with insurance claims.


Law enforcement and public safety departments can apply drones in situations that present unacceptable risks to police or rescue workers, the monitoring of large gatherings and traffic control.

UNITE Drones are custom built in South Africa, for South Africa and are designed for long flight times and heavy payloads so can be fitted with a number of customizations, including infra-red or zoom cameras.

What are the benefits of Security Drones?

  • Drones accelerate rapidly, they can go from 0-90KPH in a few seconds. This helps security teams lower response times and get invaluable insight into potential threats.
  • Aerial surveillance of crowds or crime scenes.
  • They can give media access to hard-to-reach places. Aerial photography can be done efficiently, economically, and safely.
  • Security drones fly programmed, autonomous missions around your perimeter and Geo-Fence mapping ensure the drones stay inside your designated area.


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