Get better data for design surfaces and as-builts


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“If you can quickly and easily get a 3D version in front of a client, it avoids a lot of changes later on. Our team collected a great amount of accurate project data quickly, with no disruption to airport users.”

– Chris Harman, Sr. Project Engineer, Atkins Engineering

Create a Design Surface During Preliminary Planning

During the pre-planning or due diligence phase of a project, quality data on existing conditions is often difficult to find. With Site Scan, civil engineers can collect imagery of a given area and create detailed 3D models and point clouds. The point clouds can be converted to design surfaces using AutoCAD Civil 3D.

As the project advances, civil engineers can supplement the design surfaces with survey data.


Create Accurate and Ongoing As-Builts

In addition to as-built drawings, drone imagery, processed as a 3D point cloud and 3D meshes, provides a detailed portrait of how a project was actually built versus its design. Engineers can collect drone data so quickly that often as-builts are collected on an ongoing basis during construction or over time for maintenance and record keeping.