Unite Securities is proud to provide a comprehensive security service nationally. We have 17 years of extensive experience to be able to provide the client with a comprehensive security solution. One of the main reasons for the company’s success is a lack of reputable service providers in the industry and maintaining a hands-on approach to ensure quality services by regularly trained personnel.

Our experience in successfully handling high-risk situations has resulted in our clients not seeking alternative quotes but instead opting for professionalism and hands-on management from our experienced and well-trained personnel.

Strike & Riot Control

With South Africa being one of the most strike-prone countries in the world, affecting mines, the petroleum industry, basic chemicals and iron ore, workers are losing wages, thereby increasing the number of strikes during 2014 and the negative impact on our economy. In order to prevent another 2012 Marikana disaster, where 45 people were killed and hundreds injured during a wage-related strike at Lonmin, we at Unite Securities will assist our clients in preventing any similar situations

Further, with the crime rate continually on the increase in South Africa, we have once again opened our doors to clients requiring static and non-static guarding. We intend focusing on malls, residential areas, warehousing, and Unite Securities may even venture into security at harbors and ports where the theft of containers is on the increase.

Having our investigation officers infiltrate these institutions, we will be in a position to abate the white collar crime being committed at an alarming rate.

Unity is Strength

  • Remunerate strictly in accordance with Legislation and above
  • Comprehensive National Infrastructure
  • Full investigations team and undercover capabilities
  • Contingency and emergency plans
  • Value for money
  • Integrated security services
  • A proactive approach to security
  • Hands-on management approach



Unite Securities provides Professional Private Security Services. Please refer to the list below for a breakdown of the services we provide

  • Strike and Riot Control
  • VIP Protection
  • K9 Unit
  • Riot Vehicles
  • Guarding
  • Investigations
  • Armed Escorts
  • Event Security
  • Intelligence